Sickness in our home

Having sick kids is exhausting.  Especially when they have different things and you have to keep your sweet 3 year old from kissing your kissable 7 month old.

E has pink eye and an ear infection.  She woke up with her eyes sealed shut.  I have to put drops in there 4 times a day.  That is definitely a challenge.

G has a cold.  Poor baby boy.  :(  Thankfully, none of us have gotten pink eye from sister.  I hope we're past the contagious period!

Parenting is challenging.  Yes.  Thankfully I have Jesus.  Without Jesus, I don't know how I would manage.  I couldn't.  There are days when I forget that I have Jesus!  What ugly days those are. 

I feel a strong desire to pray for the mamas out there that don't love Jesus.  Jesus, please reveal yourself to them.

I am looking forward to resuming school next week!  I know E is too!

Thankful.  Blessed. 

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