Back to School!

Last week was a loooong week.  We work better with routine.  Back to it!  :)  E was very excited for school today.

This week our theme is creation.


 We are talking about gardening.  We are looking at 3 different types of flower seeds and we are going to watch them grow.  (more on that later...)

E got this Letter Construction Activity Set for Christmas.  She loves it!  And it really helps her with the construction of her letters!

 To say that E likes the movie Frozen is an understatement.  She LOVES it.  She asks daily if we can go back to the "movie feater" to see it.  :)  We are working on positional words and this has been a perfect way for her to show me!  I printed this out and had it laminated.  I just say, "E, can you put Olaf's head (to the right) or (to the left) or (behind)...etc.. his body"?  She loves it! 

 Patterns!  AB patterns and ABC patterns.  I mentioned this in a previous post, but Confessions of a Homeschooler has great resources for learning a lot of preschool/K4 skills!  (Plus other stuff for older kids!) I just print out weekly what we are going to be working on that week.  

Finally, we are making a creation book this week.  Today we did day 1 (night/day) and day 2 (sky/sea).  E seems to really enjoy doing this!  I am really looking forward to the final project at the end of the week!

I hope you enjoyed a glance into our homeschool day!  :)

Thankful.  Blessed.

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