(crossing fingers) Snow Day???

I will start by saying this, if it were up to me, it would be between 75-95 at all times.  I am not a "snow" person.  But, my sweet daughter has been praying for snow.  She wants it to snow so badly.   It is supposed to start snowing today.  Not much...but a lot for where we live.  She ever so patiently did school today.  I know that all she wants to do is play outside!!  Her sweet daddy took her to buy her some gloves and a scarf.  (If that tells you at all how seldom it snows here).

(Crossing my fingers!!)

On to school...  Today was a painting kind of day!  

But first things first.  Last week we "planted" seeds.  Click HERE to see that post. 

These were our results:

I love her reaction to her little plants!  
(Please pardon the blurriness.  I think I need to start using my actual camera instead of my phone).

For the first time, E counted to 100 by herself today with no mistakes!  She has to be looking at the numbers to do it, but nonetheless!  I am so proud of her!!  

We finished up our hand print flower project from last week.  She sure does love to paint!  :)

 We are painting an apple tree.  We did the trunk today.  She giggled the whole way through.  :)

 And finally, apple stamping!  We made a sheet of red, yellow, and green apples.  We will let them dry, cut them out and use them for all sorts of things!  (patterns, counting, etc...)

Thankful.  Blessed.

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