Scripture Memorization

One of my strengths is definitely not memorization of anything...let alone scripture.  It usually takes me two or three reads of a book to fully retain what it is saying.

I was reading Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience, and one of her blog entries was about scripture memorization.

She included scripture cards to put up around your home to encourage the memorization of scripture.

Here is the link to that blog post -click HERE

This is something that I want to try this year.  I want to have the words of God written on my heart.  In times of despair, frustration, etc..., I want the first thing that comes into my mind to be God's encouraging words.

There are 25 cards.  I chose to have mine laminated!  Very excited to start memorizing!

Day 4 of Evie's homeschool was today.  I admit, sweet G was up in the night with teething and when 6:30 came, so did my snooze.  E woke up before me and came in fully dressed (minus a shirt...she can't reach them in the closet).  She asked if it was time for school.  :)  

This week's letter is X.  She has been doing a lot of fun projects with the letter X.  Today she used her Dot Markers.  She loves them.  I would highly recommend them!  

I got this cute page from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  She has a letter of the week curriculum for just $15.00.  There are TONS of activities for each letter!  We choose to use it as a supplement to our current curriculum because to follow it directly would be a TON of printing and laminating.  It ends up being more than we wanted to spend.  But, I would highly recommend it.  The content is great!  She also has lots of other curriculum in her shop.  We purchased them all when they were about 1/2 off on Cyber Monday.  Perfect for when the kids are a little older.  :)

Friday is our reading day.  Our curriculum is a 4 day/week curriculum.  Rather than completely losing the structure on Fridays, we are going to snuggle up in our big comfy chair and read.  I am really looking forward to it!

Thankful.  Blessed.

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