New Adventure for our Family!

For several years, Michael and I have both felt called to adopt.  Over the past few years we have talked with families that adopted through private agencies, from another country, and through the state of Georgia (DFCS). 

After much prayer, we both feel a peace about pursuing adoption through the state of Georgia.  We understand that DFCS is not an adoption agency.  We will actually be in the foster-to-adopt program. 

This simply means that we will be able to provide a safe and loving home for a child until they are reunited with their birth family or until they are in need of a permanent placement through adoption. 

If asked several years ago if I would feel comfortable having a child in my home for a time, bonding with them, and then having to say goodbye, my answer would have been an absolute no. 

Through conversations with friends and a deeper understanding of Christ's love for us, I have started to understand that while selfishly, I would not want to say goodbye, providing a child with a loving home for a short time that teaches them about Jesus is better than that child possibly not being in a home that loves Jesus at all.  (Run on sentence, much?). Thankfully, the Holy Spirit has softened my heart over the past few years.

Last night was our first meeting and we are very excited to start on this journey.  It will not be easy every step of the way.  We understand that.  There will likely be very trying times.  We are ok with that. 

Please pray for us on this journey.  Pray for E and G.  Please pray for the sweet children that will be placed in our home, whether adopted or not.  These sweet babies that will call me mama will likely not start out in my home and will not grow in my tummy.  I will not have control over the protection of these babies.  Thankfully, Jesus does have that control.  Please pray that God would protect their bodies from all of the things that the world might throw at them. 

Thank you, friends.  We will update as we progress in this journey.  We will share what we can.  :) 

Thankful.  Blessed. 

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