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Last night in our church community group (http://crosspointepeachtreecity.com/), when sharing prayer needs I had an overwhelming desire for something very specific.

Last week, I shared that we are entering the fostering and adoption world. (click HERE to see that post). We are very excited about this.  I have asked many people for prayer for specific things.  Our family, our kids, the kids that God will be placing in our homes.  I neglected to mentioned a HUGE one.  Last night I felt an overwhelming urge to pray for the birth moms of the kids that will enter our home, whether for a short time or permanently.  These moms are broken, like I am.  These moms need Jesus, like I do.  Their circumstances will not allow them to continue parenting for a short time or forever.  They will have to say goodbye to their precious babies either temporarily or for a very long time, maybe forever. 

I cannot even begin to imagine saying goodbye to E and G.  Even for a short time.  It breaks my heart to think about it.

Please pray for these mamas.  Pray that Jesus will grab a hold of them and comfort them.  Pray that they will come to know Jesus and that they accept the grace that Jesus has for them.  My heart is heavy for these moms.   Please join me in praying for them.

As I sit here watching my sweet girl doing her "lessons" on the computer, I am thankful. 

 E loves doing her "lessons" (as she calls them).  We subscribe to ABCmouse.com.  It is fantastic.  This program taught her in 20 minutes how to properly use a mouse.  I was amazed!  It is not very costly and such a great program for kids!

 Today was our math day.  We did other things, but math was our focus.  E drew gumballs in the machines and we made a book!

 If you are homeschooling, save all of your egg cartons!  Ask your family to save them too!  We use them for so many activities.  Addition!

 See??  Egg cartons!  Counting!


We finished days 5 and 6 today in our book.  We are excited to put it all together tomorrow!

Thankful.  Blessed.

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