Getting Ready

We have been trying to get our home ready for new kids.  A few weeks ago we moved G into E's room.  It's been going pretty well!  The first few days, they both were waking up pretty early, but they have both started waking up at around 8:00.  It's been so nice.

We can get our home ready.  We can buy cribs and carseats.  We can clean and safety proof the things that aren't already safety proofed.  We can attend the classes.  We can have our homestudies.  But even if we do those things, are we really prepared?  Not without Jesus.

There are days that I think I am emotionally ready for this challenge.  And days when I am terrified.  There is a strong chance that within the next 18 months, we will have 4 kids ages 4 and younger.  It will be different.  But it will be good.  Because Jesus is good.  And Jesus is the center of this.

My prayer is that Jesus will prepare me emotionally for this journey.

He will.  He already has.

Thankful.  Blessed.

Here are a few pictures from school yesterday and today:

 We have been working on this apple tree all week.  The trunk is her foot, the leaves are her hands, and the apples are her finger prints.  :)

 Dot markers! 

 She is really starting to be able to follow the directions on the card and build her letters!

 Tuesday we stamped apples with paint.  I drew stems on them and cut them out.  We used them today to make patterns.  It's so fun to watch her progress in her learning!

 She put the ABCs in order.  There are so many fun games we can do with these bean bags!

 Writing the letter A

 We read the story.  As I read, if she saw an A, she would use her yellow dot marker to put a dot on it. 

Apple seed counting and number matching. 

Thankful.  Blessed.

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