Zoo Day!

We decided to go to the zoo on Monday afternoon.  Our theme this week is the letter Z, Noah's ark, animals, zoo, etc..  So what a perfect time to go!  When we got there Evie asked for some "noculars" so she could see the animals better.  :)  Sweet girl.  

It was 10 degrees colder than we thought it was going to be when we got to the zoo.  A little chilly.  So we just got E a sweatshirt from the gift shop.  It turns out that most of the other parents had the same idea!  There were blue sweatshirts all over Zoo Atlanta!   (And of course, her "noculars").  :)

 Both kids had a great time watching the birds! 

 G thinks E is so funny! 

 E loved the merkats! 

And the statues...

 And the older gentleman that offered to rock E on the see saw when there were no other kids to ride with her.  They had a nice little chat.  :)

And of course, G laughing at his big sister.  :)

Thankful.  Blessed.

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