School this week

Enjoy this picture post of school this week.  :)

 Kumon makes these amazing books.  E has one for tracing, mazes, drawing, and cutting.  She loves them!  

 Noah's Ark!

 We got these lacing cards in the dollar spot at Target.  I think they were $3.00.  They are very durable!  She loves all of the designs!

 We use this chart to keep track of the letters we have learned.  We use it to review letter sounds.  In a few weeks we will use them to make words. 

 I love these sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week curriculum.  It has helped E so much with her letter formation!
 This is also from Confession of a Homeschooler's LOTW curriculum. 

 We made a tent this week.  (We were talking about camping).  She read more this week on her own than she normally does because of her tent.  :)

 Number Order Activity

We made a tent and stars!  She used marshmallows to dip in paint to make the stars. 

Letter T!

Size sort.  :)

This has been one of my favorite E activities.  I pick a word for her to "see".  She searches for the letters she needs to "build" it.  Then she writes it.  So good for her!

BOB Books.  I cannot recommend these enough.  She is already on book 2 and can read both 1 and 2 on her own.  Next week she starts book 3. 

Finally, at the end of each week she watches some sort of a show/movie that related to our topic for the week. 

Thankful.  Blessed.

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