Fun day!! (and a proud mama!)

M was out of town this week and he got home yesterday.  He was so kind to allow me to rest while he hung out with the kids.  I am very thankful for him.  He regularly puts my needs before his.  Jesus knew what he was doing when he introduced us.  :)

We had a great time in school today!   See for yourself!!

 Before we could do school, E had to give all of the animals a check up.  Makes sense. 


 The Jesus Storybook DVDs are great!  E loves watching the stories each week and is great at remembering little details!

 Letter z practice!

E's favorite part!  We made a zoo!!  She asked if we could keep it up for 10 years.  Sure, E.  We can.  :)

And my favorite part:

We have been reading the BOB books that I told you about HERE.

Evie has learned how to sound out words, but has struggled with blending them together to make the word.  (I mean, she's 3.  I am not pushing this at all.  Sometimes we try it to see if she can do it).  
Here she is sounding out and reading her very first word!  Proud mama!

Thankful.  Blessed.

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