Reading Day!

Some days we just like to snuggle up on the guest bed and read.  We still had school...just a modified version.  (We did our bible verse and the calendar).  This week our theme is Noah's Ark, animals, and the zoo (letter z).  We read a bunch of books on those topics.  

But first... I finished my desk.  I love it.  I really just want to sit here all of the time.  Sometimes I create work for myself just so I can have something to do at my desk.  I'm sure that will pass...  :)

 My desk

 Bob Books.  We love them!  E has already started to learn how to sound out words because of these books.  They are highly recommended!!!

 Reading Day!!

E wanted to do a project.  So I poured salt into this box lid and she practiced writing her letters.  

Thankful!  Blessed!

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