Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow!  Has it really been a month since I blogged last??  Seems like yesterday!

 The kids and I went to KC about 3 weeks ago and while we were there, Michael's grandfather passed away.  He lives about an hour from my parents so the kids and I opted to stay and attend the services.  We are so glad that we did.  It was so nice to spend time with all of the family.  I am very thankful to have married in to such a warm and welcoming family.

We also have been getting ready for our foster/adoption journey!  Our first homestudy is next Wednesday, April 9!  We are very excited!

We know that God is in control of this.  And that our plans are not always His plans.  We are excited to meet the kiddos that will be staying with us!

I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you that have donated to us!  We have received clothes, beds, a carseat, a highchair, money, and more clothes.  Thank you so much!!

I will ask that you all pray for a few things specifically:

- There is a sibling group that has touched our hearts.  Our caseworker is inquiring about them.  They live in a different state.  They are older than what we "planned" for and there are more of them than we "planned" for.  But we would love for them to live with us.

- The kids that will be in our homes.  And their families.  That all would let Jesus take a hold of them. 

- Our family/kids.  It will be an adjustment.  We are not blind to the fact that it will be challenging.  But God is bigger than any struggles or roadblocks we might encounter.  Please pray that we will constantly remember this.

Thankful.  Blessed.

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